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Begerz is the only platform that lets you ask for support in style while showcasing your talents, charm, and imagination.

Begerz Fundraising App

Begerz combines the fun of video creation with the earning potential of crowdfunding. We help you raise the money you need to afford the things you want.

Sing a song. Tell a story.
Crack a joke. Film your pets.

The possibilities on Begerz are endless. The people you’ll meet here will be thrilled to donate to your cause, whether it’s a new set of speakers for your stereo or help fund a new youth center. You’ll also have a great time watching your fellow Begerz do their thing, cheering them on as they reach their goals. You might even be moved to Chip In a few bucks yourself to those fellow Begerz creators.

Begerz (Ask)

Create videos to raise money for what you want – from personal needs and competitions to charity and fundraising.

Chipperz (Give)

Chip In a monetary donation to your family, friends, or even another fellow content creator – anyone or any cause that moves you.

Community (Receive)

Join the Begerz community and be a part of our Karma Conscious movement. Experience the rewards and good karma that comes with helping others.

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Your Chance Is Here

“Why wait until you have a million followers to start making money, when there are a million and one people ready to support your dreams? Your chance is here, and Begerz is ready to support you.”

– Cary Carlton
Founder/CEO, Begerz

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The Begerz community is a safe, secure and supportive place where people come together to be entertained, moved, and inspired – it’s a place where people come together to help others achieve their dreams.