Begerz: Best Crowdfunding App for Content Creators

Picture this: you’ve done it. You’ve invented the Thing. The wonderful, perfect, revolutionary Thing that will change the world. It’ll water your crops, help you drink eight glasses of water a day, load your dishwasher, get your boss to love you, and de-string your sweet potato casserole, all at the same time.

Whatever this Thing is, it’s the perfect Thing, and you deserve a way to fund your dream to build it. Introducing the Begerz app — the newest, best crowdfunding app that combines your love of social media with the tools to raise funds for your dream.

How Does Begerz Work?

Begerz is the easiest way to create, share, and monetize your content for your family, friends, and fans! Create a clear goal, ask your viewers to chip in, and make video content showing the world what it is you can do.

The beauty of the Begerz app is that your fans and followers can give to your cause without ever leaving the platform. This makes giving and sharing easy, safe and fun. You can manage everything inside Begerz — no more need to juggle multiple accounts.

Beauteous, Bountiful, Begerz — The Best Crowdfunding App for All!

Crowdfunding doesn’t have to be tedious, stressful, or boring anymore. With the Begerz app, communicating and sharing with your supporters can be the best part of the process. 

The Begerz app is for everyone — not just the most popular kids at school. Teens, adults, parents, and families all flock to the Begerz app to support their dreams. It’s your turn to invent like a mad genius and get paid like an influencer.

How Do I Get Started?

Glad you asked.

The Begerz app is coming soon to an iOS powered device near you! Follow us for updates, and be prepared to turn your little idea into a revolutionary new … Thing!

Sign up today to get the latest updates and be one of the first on the app. Rev your engines and get those campaigns ready. We can’t wait to see what you do!

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