Make Money Posting Creative Content with Begerz

Introducing Begerz — your one-stop app to create content and make money.

What is Begerz?

Begerz is your all-in-one app to create content and get paid like an influencer. The platform is simple to use, and creators can manage their funds, friends, and followers right on the app where they love to post.

Be you and do what it is that you do best: show off your newest roller-skating skills, perform your latest original song, introduce the world to the independent video game you’re creating, and watch your family, friends, and fans chip in to support your cause.

Who is Begerz For?

Influencers and Creators: You work hard for the things you create; you deserve to get paid. Make money the way you want to, directly from the people that support you most, and without any middlemen or contracts. Begerz is the platform to monetize your content right where your videos live.

Fundraisers: Fund your study-abroad trip to Greece, a new community garden, or support your favorite charity. Begerz is the perfect new place to crowdfund your personal goals or social causes, powered by video content.

Everyone!: We’re not just for the “cool kids”. At Begerz, you can get paid just for being yourself. And anyone can get involved – your parents, even your grandparents! You’ll find that the Begerz community is a place that welcomes everyone.

How Can I Make Money on Begerz?

Easy to Upload: Upload your video content directly to the platform or upload your already existing content. The app is fun and easy to use.

Easy to Share: Share with your friends, or find new fans by sharing publicly. Connect Begerz to your other platforms, and get the word out about your Beg.

Easy to Chip In: Chipperz – folks who might not even be in your circle of friends, family or followers – will chip in to your cause without having to leave the app. You can manage your funds directly in the app. And everyone will feel confident about doing both – the Begerz app is safe and secure.

What Are You Waiting For?

Join a community of people all over the world hoping to make their dreams a reality.

Sign up today to get the latest updates and be one of the first on the app. Rev your engines and get those campaigns ready. We can’t wait to see what you do!

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