We all have causes that are near and dear to our hearts, and lending a hand just feels good. Sometimes we need to raise money for ourselves and our teammates. Is your soccer or softball team heading to the national championships across the country?  Does your hockey, baseball or basketball team need to raise money for airfare and hotels?

Selling candy bars and knocking door-to-door are out.  Begerz is in!

Begerz makes fundraising for charity or causes simple by using what you’re already good at – your social media!

Your friends, family, and followers are likely using popular social media channels like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook – and you may be using those channels to ask them to support your cause.  Begerz brings it all together in one place!  We’ll show you how.

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Traditional Fundraising for Charity is a Drag

Let’s face it; the old-school ways of fundraising are a bummer.

Nobody wants to set up shop for hours outside the grocery store.  Nobody wants to knock door-to-door.  Those charity car washes take up an entire Saturday and leave you soaking wet!

You also have to organize, plan, and execute. You have to find volunteers and pray they stay committed. You have to pay for materials, a venue, signage, and advertisement. In the end, in-person fundraising can’t reach the audience that an online social media following could.

Online fundraising platforms can also be a hassle. They’re boring to write and complicated to set up if you don’t know anything about web building.

And the internet maybe made it easier for grandma and grandpa to donate money from across the country, but that’s if they could successfully figure out how to navigate the website and enter their credit card safely.

Why Begerz is Better

Begerz is better because everyone can film and share a video on their phones. Begerz lets you share the content you want, and you can fundraise for charity in the meantime. Because of the thriving Begerz community, you can reach new donors and build a following.

Once you’ve reached your fundraising goal, show us all the change that your donors have been able to make in the world. Video your favorite organization putting those generously given funds to work, and show us an interview of someone who had their lives changed.

Your circle is most likely to be encouraged to give because of social media, and they are likely to choose which organizations they wish to support because of social media.

If one plus one equals two, and two plus two equals four, then it’s obvious that combining social media with fundraising is the easiest way to raise money for important causes.

How the Begerz App Makes Fundraising for Charity Effortless

Begerz makes it easy to get started. Download the app and create your free profile. Upload your video to the app and have a clear fundraising goal in mind. Your viewers can give money (Chip In) to your Ask right on the app’s interface without ever having to leave the app.

No more planning, logistics or tactics. Begerz gives you the tools; you just have to bring your fun, creative genius and your passion for fundraising.

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The Begerz App is Live Now!

The wait is over. Download Begerz today to get started. We are overwhelmed with excitement to see what you do.

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