Did you know that one out of every three Millennials and Gen X’ers are inspired to give to charity because of social media? On top of that, over half of all people prefer to give online? Most traffic to nonprofits comes from iPhones or Android smartphones. With these staggering numbers, it’s no surprise that social media, (easily accessible on your phone), is the future when it comes to raising money for charity.

Whether you’re an individual, a group, or a nonprofit, social media is the perfect place to raise money for charity. With the new Begerz app, fundraising enthusiasts and professionals like you can find yourself at home in a place that lets you create, post, and share content in the same place you raise and manage your funds.

How Does the Begerz App Work?

Begerz lets you wield the power of social media to raise money for your favorite charity. To get started, download the Begerz app. It’s easy and free. Next, create your content for your Raise — this is the campaign for which you are raising money. The Begerz app makes it easy to be creative and makes it fun to share.

You’re allowed to be as insanely innovative as you want to raise money for charity — you can share a video of you creating a ceramic mug collection, pogo-sticking while jump roping, or bowling a turkey (a metaphorical one, not a physical one. This is an especially important distinction to make if you’re planning on raising money for an animal rights cause.)

You can share your content with your friends, family, community, following, or the larger Begerz network. Get your viewers excited about your videos, and viewers can Chip In to your Raise. When you post your video content to Begerz, your audience no longer has to migrate over to a third-party platform to donate. They can give to your fund right on the video. Begerz is safe and secure for card transactions, meaning that you can post your video and watch the dollars roll in.

What Makes Begerz the Premier App to Raise Money for Charity?

The Begerz app means that you can raise money for charity while actively demonstrating the power that a donation has to change the world. Show your audience the new recreational center that the community was able to fund through Begerz, or make a video diary of your trip to a remote community to support sustainability efforts.

At Begerz, we are equally passionate about fundraising for charity, which is why we are aiming to give $1 million dollars to worthy causes. When someone donates to a Raise, a portion of the proceeds goes automatically to a charity that is carefully chosen by Begerz. We want to come right alongside you to make a difference.

How Do I Get Started Using the Begerz App?

The app is launching soon! Follow us on social or sign up to receive emails for frequent updates. We can’t wait to see all of your faces on the app!

Join a community of people all over the world hoping to make their dreams a reality.Pre-register today to get the latest updates and be one of the first on the app. Rev your engines and get those campaigns ready. We can’t wait to see what you do!

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