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Social Media Fundraising App for Greek Life

College is supposed to be the best four years of your life. When you’re deep in Greek life, you know more than anyone that life comes at you fast, and it costs money. Fundraising for charity with your Greek house is fulfilling, but the FOMO of getting lit with chapter members on the river or out of the country is real.

With Begerz, you’ll never miss out on creating long-lasting memories ever again.

Philanthropy is a core mission for you and your fellow chapter members – we get it. Raising money for charity is good for the heart, BUT making memories is good for the soul! Get money to commission matching shirts for you and your Little or fix your car for an epic 3-day weekend with your bros. Begerz lets you raise funds for whatever you want.

Introducing Begerz: The Newest Social Media Fundraising App

Begerz is the newest social media fundraising app that lets anyone earn from their content, just like a paid influencer. When you’re not in class, you’re cramming for the next exam, and a part-time job isn’t an option. C’s might get degrees, but there’s gotta be a way to make cash doing what you love and still graduate summa cum laude.

Begerz lets you raise funds for whatever you want, like that group trip to Ibiza! Use your talent or special skill to creatively Ask for what you want! Sing. Dance. Juggle. Trickshot. 

Show off your talent to excite supporters, and convince them to chip in to your Raise! That trip to Ibiza is closer than ever now! It’s simple to get started.”

1. Download Begerz

You can find the Begerz app in the App Store. Our social media fundraising app is available on iOS devices for now. Next, open the app, and set up a profile by creating an account. Add a username and profile picture, then link to a bank account, and you’re done!

2. Create an Ask Video

Now it’s time to create an Ask — the video content that you will share with the world. Get as creative as possible! You have what it takes to be a star as long as you embrace it, and you can raise money for your unique talents! That Airbnb by the lake you’re splitting with your sisters won’t pay for itself. Also, remember to say what your goal is, how much you want to raise, and what you’re doing to reach that goal. 

Need help making a creative Ask? Find inspiring ideas below:

  • Put on a weekly fashion show introducing your chapter’s newest members
  • Choreograph a routine to your school’s fight song
  • Give a bedroom tour while doing a handstand
  • Using the same clothing item, show off your OOTD ideas
  • Create a series of freestyle raps using random people’s names
  • Candidly interview students’ and show off your improv skills
  • Cliff dive and ask your followers to rate each jump
  • Become a “dorm chef” and create gourmet meals on a college budget
  • Drink an energy shot mixed with rocky road ice cream mixed with Worcestershire sauce and show us what happens. (Maybe try this one on an empty stomach.)

Whatever you do, be sure to get it on film, then upload it to the Begerz app.

3. Upload to Begerz

Name your masterpiece, enter the amount you want to raise and an end date, then upload your content to the app. That’s all there is to it! The best way to boost your Raise and reach your goal faster is to share your video. Get support from friends, family, fans, and other content creators in the Begerz app. Who knew a social media fundraising app could be so simple and make your college experience more memorable.

Begerz: For All Your Greek Life and College Needs

Begerz is the newest video-only social media fundraising app that helps college students, or anyone, reach a goal faster through creating content. Use your skills to impress and excite supporters to chip in to your cause and reach your goal amount faster. The next time you need gas money to make it to New York or need to fund a group birthday trip, use an app that matches your lifestyle to your piggy bank.

Download Begerz today and show us what you got.

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