Make Your Talent Your Social Media Fundraising Side Hustle

Time to rise and grind; it’s bag-chasing season. You work hard to turn your passion and talents into a money-making machine. But we all know that funding your side hustle isn’t cheap. Maybe you are working on starting a side hustle. Go you! Either way, that online business selling ceramic planters for stylish plant parents won’t kick off unless you have that pottery wheel, plaster boards and canvas sheets, a kiln, a work table and tools and … the list goes on and on forever. You have the talent to push it to the limit, but sometimes getting off the ground is the hardest part.

You work your side hustle for fun, but with a little extra help, you can fund it and maybe even turn it into a small business. There’s no better way to do that than by making video content and sharing your side hustle on a social media fundraising app! And the best app for that is Begerz!  I mean, those tens or hundreds of thousands of likes on Instagram and TikTok feed your ego, but they aren’t boosting your bank account, right?

Power Your Side Hustle with the Newest Social Media Fundraising App

Begerz is the newest social media fundraising app that lets your friends, family, fans, and followers donate money because they love your amazing content. On Begerz, you’re allowed to ask for whatever you want because we believe that good things come to those who ask.  The best part is that you are earning some cash for the content you’re already creating. 

Share content with a Begerz community that supports creators and entrepreneurs like you who are already on the Begerz app. Create a compelling video to tell your story about your successes – or even failures, and ask for what you need to succeed. If you’re just starting out, this is your chance to shine. Are you creating a new skateboard brand?  Show us some ollies or ramp work.  Have you dedicated your life to winning Rubik’s Cube-solving contests around the world?  Showcase your skills and fund that next tournament – entry fees, airfare, hotel stay, and meals!

Once you’ve posted on Begerz, share your personal link with as many people as possible! Begerz is the boost you need.

How To Get Started Using Begerz

1. Get the Begerz App From the iOS Store

  1. Begerz is available for iOS devices in the App Store. 
  2. Download the app 
  3. Set up a profile by creating an account with a fun and unique username and profile picture.
  4. Check out the app and see what content creators like you are already doing. 
  5. Want to get paid? Link your bank account to the app; you’re ready to start making fun content and collecting funds.

2. Create Your First Video

Your dream lives rent-free in your head, now is the time to manifest your dream! Take a second — think about the thing or things you need that would take your side hustle from a hobby to a full-time gig. Got a clear picture? Good. Now ask for it! 

You might be wondering what types of things you can ask for with Begerz? Guess what? The limit does not exist.

Here are just a few examples of what users are asking for:

  • An industrial mixer for a dog-treat baking startup – record a video of your dog performing tricks
  • Mystical decor for an in-house tarot-reading service – record a video and reveal some of the mysteries Tarot offers
  • A baby Grand to launch a piano teacher’s career from home – record a video of you playing Mozart, or make your music and get feedback from the Begerz community
  • A supply of colorful wigs for a birthday party princess gig – record a video of a wig-wearing runway fashion show
  • Power tools for a porch-building service –  video some quick handyman skills
  • High-grade specialty paper for a custom sticker business – record a video of your sticker vector art for print
  • A giant slide and ball pit for a puppy playground service – record a video of happy pups running around the yard

You know your audience best, so create content that Chipperz (people who chip-in to your Raise) will donate to. The more creative you are at delivering your message, the easier it will be to get everyone’s attention.

3. Upload to Begerz and Get to Sharin’

Tell us the details about how much you’re hoping to raise and how long you’re running the Raise. Give your video a title and description, et voila! You’re ready to share your masterpiece with the world. Share your video across your favorite social media platforms and watch the donations come in.

Because chipperz give on the app’s interface without a third-party platform, giving is easy and safe. You can manage all of your funds in the app, making it simple enough for anyone to do. Begerz is your all-in-one stop for your social media fundraising app needs, perfectly designed to power your side hustle.

Boost Your Side Hustle with the Begerz App

Bring your passions to life! When you use Begerz to fund your side hustle, you’re bringing your family, friends, fans, and the entire Begerz community along for the ride with you. We can’t wait to see you on the app! Download Begerz today to get started.

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